Want some changes? Try invoicing software!

Lately I have noticed that all of my partners and friends are using software for managing their bookkeeping, invoicing and other business tasks. It made me think of trying one also. I didn’t know what exactly I need to buy. I have been doing all the tasks manually so far. It took me quite much time, but I didn’t complain because I used to work hard. I couldn’t afford acquisition of all kinds of software, so I sorted out the one, which I need more. It was invoicing software. After research of the market I have chosen invoicing software, which provided free 2 months trial use of the program.

I got double impression of the use of invoicing program. On the one hand, I was surprised that it is very simple and comfortable in use. On the other hand, I was afraid that something would go wrong and my invoice wouldn’t reach receiver. I could call and ask if they had received my invoices by email, but it would be strange. When I began to receive payments for sent out with the invoicing software invoices it brought me relief. I was happy to trust my invoicing software.

I’m using invoicing program for already half a year. I don’t have any complains about that. To my mind it is step forward in invoicing. I’m even a little bit proud of myself for using invoicing software. This way I developed myself. I don’t do out-of-date manual invoicing any more. Now I am thinking of buying time-tracking software or something else that could make my work more effective. It could be program for bookkeeping or some inventory module.

The only thing I regret a bit is that I haven’t bought invoicing software earlier. I advise everyone not to be afraid of trying new programs. Of course not all the programs are perfect and sometimes you need to try several programs to find better one. When you find you perfect software you will notice how it improves and simplifies working process.

11 maj 2012